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Johnny Hodges med Ellington i Borlänge 12 juni 1963

Den 8 april 2016 publicerade vi en artikel om Ellingtons framträdande i Borlänge Folkets Park den 12 juni 1963. Artikeln illustrerades med fyra foton från tillfället tagna av Olle Lindholm.

Här är ytterligare fyra foton från Olle Lindholms kamera – den här gången med Johnny Hodges och saxsektionen i centrum.

On April 8 2016, we published a post on Ellington’s appearance in Borlänge Folkets Park June 12 1963. The post was illustrated by four photos taken by Olle Lindholm, then a local Ellington fan.

He was very busy with his camera that night more than 50 years ago and here are four other photos from the evening. They feature Johnny Hodges and the sax section.

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Pentape on The Duke Ellington Hour

The radio program “The Duke Ellington Hour” is featured in the “Ellington on radio & video” section this week and the next.

This program was broadcasted by public radio station WAMU in Washington D.C. every Sunday night in the beginning of the 1980’s. It was put together and presented by Rob Bamberger, who still entertain and enrich us with his program “Hot Jazz Saturday Night”

It was always a special moment for an Ellington enthusiast to listen to “The Duke Ellington Hour” particularly since often music, which was not available on records, was played. This was possible thanks to the extraordinary circle of Ellington collectors in and around Washington D.C. In particular, Jack Towers shared a lot with the program.

In the program excerpt (about 15 minutes long), Bamberger presents and plays the reel tape album Duke Ellington Originals.

Pentape cover 2


Blue Light – New Issue

The summer issue of DESUK’s Blue Light has arrived in the postbox of its subscribers. As usual, it is an issue full of interesting articles, information and comments.

The American Ellington scholar Ken Steiner contributes an article on Ellington’s radio shows until the middle of the 40’s. In three pages, he manages to portray the role of radio in the early and mid-career of Ellington but also the development of radio for entertainment. It is highly recommended. The article was originally presented to the International Study Group Conference in Portland, Oregon last year.

Another main feature of this issue of Blue Light is the second part of Matthew (“Matt”) J. Cooper’s article on Ellington as a pianist. In this part he focuses on the 30’s and early 40’s leaving the late 40’s until mid-50’s to the next part. (more…)

Nytt i Godisrummet – Goodies of the month juni /June 2016

De fem godbitarna för juni är nu på plats i Godisrummet. De är

  • Två radioutsändningar från Congress Hotel i Chicago den 9 resp 26 maj 1936
  • En radioutsändning från Frank Dailys Meadowbrook Ballroom i Cedar Groove, New Jersey den 5 juni 1951
  • Program 3 och 4 i Danska Radios långa serie av program baserade på Mercer Ellingtons donation

För tillträde till Godisrummet krävs ett lösenord, som alla medlemmar i DESS med epost-adress får.

In English on next page. (more…)

Meadowbrook Ballroom, Cedar Grove, New Jersey, June 5, 1951

Love You Madly

As previously mentioned (April 22), there are 8 different broadcasts surviving from Ellington’s stay at the Meadowbrook in 1951. We will make them all available  during the coming months in the “Månadsgodis” section of the Member’s Lounge where DESS-members can listen to and download them. This month we present the first  broadcast which is from June 5, 1951 together with a bonus – Caravan from an undated June broadcast from the Meadowbrook

index (more…)

Duke Ellington “Live” 80 years ago

Congress Hotel 9 May 1936Congress Hotel 26 May 1936

It is a well-known fact that Duke Ellington and his orchestra very early had the opportunity to take part in broadcasts from the Cotton Club in New York City, and that this was an important step in launching and popularizing the band to a broader audience.

However, those broadcasts seem  not available for listening, since they in all probability were not recorded or have been lost.

The earliest broadcasts, which are still available (according to NDESOR), are some glimpses from the Congress Hotel in Chicago, where Duke and his men were playing for the main part of May and early June in  1936, some 80 years ago.

Congress Hotel

The radio station WMAQ did half-hour broadcasts with Duke and the orchestra every night from from May 8 till June 4. (more…)

DR Ellington Broadcasts (2)

The second program was broadcasted on 25 November, 1984 and it was presented by Bent Schjarff.

The eight selections in the program are from four different occasions ranging from February 1957 to June/ July 1964. A document with the discographical information for the program (and others in the series) are available in the Ellington Archive. Corrections are most welcome.

Most of the recordings played in the program are available on LPs or – in one case – on CD. However, there are two which has not been issued so far. It is the second take of Take The “A” Train from July 3, 1962 and the interview with Ellington in Tokyo sometimes in June-July 1964 (more…)

Duke Ellington in 1956 – month of May

In May 1956, Duke Ellington must have had quite a relaxed time.

He and the band finished the tour of Virginia and North Carolina in early May and then turned west, bound for Las Vegas. As far as it is known now, the last concert was in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on May 2.

DE Las Vegas

After concerts “en route” in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Queen City, Texas (and possibly some other before those), Ellington and the band arrived in Las Vegas to start its a four-week engagement at the posh Flamingo Hotel on  May 10.

Flamingo Hotel 1956

It must have been a good engagement money-wise and work-wise but rather different from a stay at clubs like Blue Note in Chicago or Birdland in New York. (more…)

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