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Carnegie Hall 1947, 1st concert, part 4

Bildresultat för carnegie Hall

Inside Carnegie Hall

Al Hibbler sings It Don’t Mean A Thing

This is the fourth and last part from DESS with music from the Carnegie Hall concert in NYC on December 26, 1947. The last we heard in our previous posting was the Theme Medley which was played right after the Liberian Suite . This was followed by a speech by a representative of the Liberian government, which we have chosen to omit. Hence we start with Stomp, Look And Listen, a number quite frequently played between the years 1943 and 1956, thereafter to disappear from the repertoire.

Carnegie Hall 1947, 1st concert, part 3

Bildresultat för Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall by night

Dance No 3 (Liberian Suite)

The third part from the Carnegie Hall concert on December 26, 1947 introduces the Liberian Suite, an extended work, commemorating the establishment of the first independent African republic a century earlier. Ellington had been commissioned by the Liberian gouvernement to write this piece of music for the 100th anniversary celebrations. The suite consists of six parts: I Like The Sunrise and Dances no 1-5. It had been recorded a couple of days before for Columbia. According to available information it was recorded three times only, the performance on December 27, being the third one. (mer…)

Carnegie Hall 1947, 1st concert, part 2

Bildresultat för Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall today

New York City Blues

Here comes the second part of the concert att Carnegie Hall on December 26, 1947. The show continues with On A Turquoise Cloud with Kay Davis in the main role, assisted by Jimmy Hamilton and Tyree Glenn on clarinet and trombone respectively, creating an unforgettable sound. Johnny Hodges is next heard on Johnny Hodges Medley, which include Wanderlust, Junior Hop, Jeep’s Blues, The Jeep Is Jumpin’ and Mood To Be Wooed, all numbers that are closely associated with Hodges. (mer…)

Carnegie Hall 1947, 1st concert

Bildresultat för Ellington in Carnegie Hall 1947

Carnegie Hall


In the Goodies Room, you will find the first 40 minutes from Duke Ellington’s 1947 Carnegie Hall concert. This is the first part of the first concert which took place on December 26, 1947. The second concert which is dated December 27 has been issued on Prestige P-24075, whereas the 1st concert has remained unissued.

Billy Strayhorn’s Midriff

The concert had been planned for two consecutive nights at Carnegie Hall, 26 & 27 December 1947. The songs presented here  are:

*Star Spangled Banner*Snibor (AKA The New Look)*Blue Serge*Midriff*Triple Play*He Makes Me Believe He’s Mine*Harlem Air Shaft* Mella Brava and* Kickapoo Joy Juice. (mer…)

Towne Casino, Cleveland, September 1952


The Towne Casino was a local jazz bar situated in Cleveland. During its short years of existence (1951-53) it featured many great musicians such as Duke Ellington, JJ Johnson, Sarah Vaughan and Coleman Hawkins. The club (like some other similar venues) suffered bomb attacks, thought to be racially motivated, and therfore hade to close down its activity on August 1, 1953.

Betty Roché sings All Of Me

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra played at the Towne Casino for a week (17 -25 September) in 1952. As far as known this was the only occasion Duke and his men played there. The New Desor has one session dated September 1952, from a local broadcast and numbered DE5217a-d, and furthermore, Amazon offers an on demand produced CD-R which is dated 17 September 1952 (Link:https://www.amazon.com/Duke-Cleveland-1952-Ellington/dp/B01LTHY7ME). The latter is likewise from a broadcast, but not to be found in the New Desor. You’ll find both recordings in the Goodies Room. (mer…)

Duke Ellington’s Shakesperean Suite – SUCH SWEET THUNDER

Duke Ellington - live at Ravinia 1957

We have at hand a tape with a recording of Duke Ellington’s second public performance of his complete Shakespearean Suite, which took place at Stratford, Ontario in Canada on September 5, 1957 during that year’s Stratford Shakespearean Festival. The first recorded live performance is from April 28 at New York City’s Town Hall, studio recordings were made in April-May 1957. Curiously enough, the two different live recordings were not fully complete, the Town Hall recording omitting Circle Of Fourths and the Stratford one missing Half The Fun. Parts of the suite had also been performed at the Ravinia Park Festival at Highland Park, Ill on July 1, 1957

Half The Fun, Studio Recording

The Stratford concert was broadcast by a Toronto radio station, and the recording we present in the Goodies Room is from this radio broadcast. A complication with that is a non-scheduled interruption due to technical problems. The break occurs between Circle Of Fours and Sonnet In Search Of A Moor, perhaps adding a little 50ies-flavour to the recording. (mer…)

Paris Blues, Prerecording Session, July 21, 1960

Bildresultat för Paris Blues

Paul Newman and Duke Ellington

In this film from 1960, Paul Newman acted in the role of a trombone player, but the one who was actually playing this horn was Murray McEachern, a well known instrumentalist, who in the past had played with Paul Whiteman and with the Casaloma Orchestra.

Billy Strayhorn and Murray McEachern play Paris Blues

One wonders why Ellington chose to use Murray McEachern for this event, when Lawrence Brown obviously was available too. Anyway, this recording session is a mixture of small and big band performances, with ”Duke Ellington Group” starting off with one version of Paris Blues.

This group consists of Murray McEachern trb, Paul Gonsalves ts, Ellington p, Aron Bell b and Sam Woodyard dr.

The regular big band with an unknown guitarist then plays Big Bash, with solos by  Ray Nance, Lawrence Brown, Paul Gonsalves and the unknown guitarist. This is the only known recording of this title, although similar to later works by Duke.

A duo, Murray McEachern and Billy Strayhorn, plays another version of Paris Blues, before Duke sits down at the piano to play a solo rendition of Clothed Woman.

The regular big band, with Murray McEachern added and Billy Strayhorn replacing Duke at the piano then performs a third version of Paris Blues. (mer…)

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