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Songs by Ellington/Strayhorn

interpreted by famous jazz singers

Bildresultat för Mel Tormé

Mel Tormé is one of them, but there are many others!

We would like to start this session by listening to  Mel Tormé (1925-1999). As a teaser to the Goodies section you will hear I’m Gonna Go Fishin’, a composition that was part of the music for the film Anatomy Of A Murder. It didn’t have words to it originally, but the singer Peggy Lee, came up with lyrics and made it a personal hit.

I’m Gonna Go Fishing

In the Goodies section you will find the following:

1. Mel Tormé sings a very personal rendition of Reminiscing In Tempo, which was one of Ellington’s earliest extended works, recorded in 1935. Tormé has added his own lyrics  to this somewhat sad theme, which Ellington wrote when grieving the death of his mother.  The baritone player you hear is Bill Perkins, better known for his outstanding tenor playing.

2 . Joe Williams (1918-1999), one of the foremost big band blues-singers, who is known for, among other things, his co-operation with Count Basie, sings  Come Sunday, originally from Black, Brown and Beige. Come Sunday was a theme Ellington played many times throughout the later part of his career.

3. Peggy Lee (1920-2002) became a success as Benny Goodman’s girl singer in the early 40ies. Perhaps her biggest hit which came later, was Fever, but here she is heard singing I Got It Bad, which was part of the ”revusical”  Jump For Joy, which was performed by Ellington and his men in Hollywood in 1941. (mer…)

Concerts in Sweden 1963

Stockholm, February 6, 1st concert, part 2

Bildresultat för Duke Ellington in 1963

The Duke in 1963

The above picture of Duke Ellington is from a TV interview, by Sven Lindahl carried out on January 1, 1963 at Croydon in England, where Ellington is asked questions about his pending tour in Sweden for the TV program Aktuellt-Apropå. The interview was the result of a co-operation between BBC and SRTV. It is available here.

Bildresultat för Cootie Williams in 1963

Cootie is back!

DESS members will find the second part of this concert in the Goodies Room. (mer…)

Concerts in Sweden 1963

Stockholm, February 6, 1st concert, part 1

Relaterad bild

The Duke in 1963

The Duke Ellington band in 1963 was one of the outstanding ones. The first European tour that year started in England on January 12 with the last performance being that in Paris on March 1. There were numerous concerts in England and on the continent and bearing in mind that Ellington and his men were coming back in June and embarking on  a Middle East tour later in the same year, this must have been one of the busiest years ever for the band. This has resulted in a great many recordings available from this period, especially from performances in Sweden.

Listen to Jimmy Hamilton in Silk Lace

It was now more than three years after Duke’s previous visit to Sweden, and the band personnel had been subject to a number of  changes, the most important had taken place in the brass section, with Cootie Willams and Lawrence Brown returning after a long absence, whereas the sax section was 100% intact. On the above date, there were two concerts from the Stockholm Concert Hall.  We here present the first of these, but due to the length of it we have to divide in two parts, so here is the first part. You’ll find all this music in the Goodies section. (mer…)

Stockholm, 26 september 1959, andra föreställningen

Bildresultat för stockholms konserthus

Stockholms Konserthus omkring 1960

I ett tänkt scenario där vi publicerar alla nu kända Ellingtonkonserter i Sverige (eller för oss tillgängliga delar därav) har vi nu kommit fram till den andra konserten i Stockholms konserthus den 26 september 1959. Nyligen har den första konserten från detta datum publicerats och tidigare även de få nummer som finns bevarade från 1939 samt de två konserterna från 1958. Från turnén 1950 finns dessvärre ingenting bevarat från Sverige, men för den som vill höra hur orkestern kunde låta då, finns en utmärkt inspelning på CD från Zürich samt en inspelning från Hamburg (tidigare publicerad på denna hemsida)

Från den andra konserten den 26 september 1959 kan ni höra de delar som sändes i efterhand av Sveriges Radio med följande innehåll:

*Medley (Black And Tan Fantasy, Creole Love Call & The Mooche)* Such Sweet Thunder* Kinda Dukish & Rockin’ In Rhythm* El Gato* Passion Flower* Things Ain’t What They Used Be* All Of Me Happy Anatomy* Medley,

Följande nummer ingick i konsertprogrammet men togs inte med i radioutsändningen (förmodligen för att man ville begränsa denna till en timma): Take The A Train (Theme), VIP’s Boogie, Jam With Sam och Diminuendo & Crescendo In Blue. (mer…)

Stockholm, 26 september 1959, första föreställningen

Relaterad bild

Stockholms Konserthus

Under Ellingtons europaturné 1959 hölls konserter på följande platser i Sverige:

23/9 – Malmö, MFF-Stadion
24/9 – Borås, Boråshallen
25/9 – Örebro, Idrottshuset
26/9 – Stockholm, Konserthuset
27/9 – Linköping, Sporthallen
28/9 – Stockholm, Konserthuset
29/9 – Göteborg, Mässhallen

Såvitt känt finns endast de båda konserterna som ägde rum i Stockholm den 26 september bevarade, men endast några få nummer från den andra konserten har någonsin givits ut kommersiellt (Jfr Famous 5 LP box). Däremot finns det mesta av den första konserten på en Azure kassett, CA-30, från 2002. (mer…)

Gothenburg Nov 6, 1958, 2nd concert, part 2


Göteborgs konserthus

First few tunes of the ”long” medley

The 2nd part of the concert starts with two versions of Boo-Dah, with Duke telling a small story about the composer of this tune, Billy Strayhorn. This has been issued on Musica Jazz LP MJP 1005, a fairly long time ago.

The next number, Hi Fi Fo Fum is mainly a drum solo for Sam Woodyard which was first heard at the Newport Jazz Festival in July the same year. It was obviously an attempt to repeat the success from the early 50-ies with Skin Deep and Louie Bellson. This version of Hi Fi Fo Fum has not been commercially issued. (mer…)

Gothenburg Nov 6, 1958, 2nd concert, part 1

Bildresultat för Göteborgs konserthus

Göteborgs konserthus

In June 2017, the website published an article about Ellington’s tour of Europe in October- November 1958 and particularly about his two appearances in Sweden – the one in Stockholm on Nov. 4th and the one in Gothenburg on Nov. 6th.

As part of the article we made available to DESS members the first concert at the Gothenburg Concert Hall. This month, they can once again enjoy it in the Goodies Room.

Whereas this concert mainly has remained unissued, parts of the second concert have been issued on a number of labels, but not in its entirety anywhere before. This is probably one of the best recordings made on Ellington’s 1958 European tour and we are therefore happy to make the first part of  it available in the Goodies Room to DESS members together with the full first concert.

The second part of the concert will be published later this week.

The 1958 version of the Duke Ellington orchestra was impressive: On trumpets Clark Terry, Cat Anderson, Harold Baker and Ray Nance, on trombones Quentin Jackson, Britt Woodman and John Sanders, the reeds were Jimmy Hamilton, Russell Procope, Johnny Hodges, Paul Gonsalves and Harry Carney, and besides Duke in the rhythm section are Jimmy Woode and Sam Woodyard. Ozzie Bailey is the singer. (mer…)

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