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1997-4 20%DESS Bulletin 1997-4

Bertil Lyttkens: When Jazz music came to Sweden Part 1; Ivie Anderson, vocalist in Duke Ellington Orchestra Feb 13, 1932 – August 1942; Ivie Anderson’s recordings outside the Duke Ellington Orchestra. (EN); Olle Snismarck: A Blues for Ivie Anderson; Paul Eduard Miller: Ivie joined the Duke for 4 weeks, stays with the band for 12 years. (EN) DOWNLOAD


1997-3 20%DESS Bulletin 1997-3

Harold Ashby: Remembering Duke and Ben, Part 2,by Chip Deffaa (EN); Murray Ginsberg: I Remember Duke (EN); Arthur Bradley: Introducing Irving Mills, Part 1 (EN); Phil Schaap: Johnny Hodges at Verve and Norman Granz from 1951 to 1970; Extended list of DE-related literature: Rolf Ericson’s participation in the Duke Ellington Orchestra. DOWNLOAD


1997-2 20%DESS Bulletin 1997-2

Bertil Reijbrandt: DESS was celebrating Duke’s birthday 29 April in Stockholm; Sven Tollin: Report from Ellington ’97 in Leeds; Harold Ashby: Remembering Duke and Ben, Part 1,by Chip Deffaa (EN); Rolf Ericsson has passed away; Johnny Dankworth: On Duke Ellington (Eng)



1997-1 20%DESS Bulletin 1997-1

Göran Wallen: Fred Guy, banjo and, after 1933, guitar; Bo Haufman: Fourth (and final) part of a discussion with Herb Jeffries, The Bronze Buckaroo (EN); John Chilton: Blanton’s early days (EN); David Berger: Braggin’ in Brass (EN); Helen Oakley: On Johnny Hodges



1996-4 20%DESS Bulletin 1996-4

Göran Wallen: Leif Smoke Rings Anderson visited the DESS Annual Meeting; Göran Wallen: Who was Thomas L. Whaley?; Goran Wallen: Duke Ellington in Europe 1933; Bo Haufman: Third part of a discussion with Herb Jeffries, The Bronze Buckaroo (EN); Milt Hinton: On Duke Ellington (EN).



1996-3 20%DESS Bulletin 1996-3

Sven Tollin: Report from Ellington ’96 in Toronto; Bo Haufman: Second part of a discussion with Herb Jeffries, The Bronze Buckaroo (EN); Edward Ellington: I remember grandfather (text from an American journal) (EN)



1996-2 20%DESS Bulletin 1996-2

Göran Wallen: Benny Aaslund has passed away; Alexandre Rado: Mercer Ellington (EN); Bo Haufman: First part of a discussion with Herb Jeffries, The Bronze Buckaroo (EN); Tom Detienne: Ellington in the Fifties (EN); Bruce Kennan: Skin Deep and Louis Bellson (EN).



1996-1 20%DESS Bulletin 1996-1

Bo Haufman: How were the Duke Ellington Societies established? Göran Wallen: A chat with Rolf Ericsson (EN); Bo Haufman: Analysis of “East St. Louis Toodle-Oo”; Dave Cavalier: Who was Wallace Jones? (EN); John C. Gee: On Duke Ellington & Frank Sinatra (EN); Leonard Feather: A Polish set by Rolf Ericson (EN). DOWNLOAD


1995-3 20%DESS Bulletin 1995-3

Sjef Hoefsmit: Celebrating Benny Aslund, 75 years (EN), Göran Wallen: A discussion with Willie Cook; Bo Haufman: The Jazz Scene in Los Angeles, with a DE focus; Alexandre Rado: Wild Bill Davis – An Appreciation (EN), Jens Lindgren: A Great Day In Harlem, and an interview with Jean Bach (EN), Extended list of DE-related literature. DOWNLOAD


1995-2 20%DESS Bulletin 1995-2

Alexandre Rado: Mr. Strayhorn Goes To Paris (EN); Sigvard Kleist, Peter Lee: An extensive list of literature covering Duke Ellington; Goran Wallen: Ellington ’95 in Pittsburgh; Göran Wallen: A nice chat with Mercedes Ellington at the Pittsburgh Conference.



1995-1 20%DESS Bulletin 1995-1

Sven Tollin: Duke Ellington, piano player, orchestra leader, composer, arranger; Bo Haufman: Analysis of “It Don’t Mean A Thing…”;  Presentations at Ellington ‘94



1994-1 21%DESS Bulletin 1994-1

First DESS Bulletin;  Serenade to Sweden: Ellington ’94; Ken Rattenbury: Ellington ’94 (EN); Willie Cook living in Sweden turns 70 years; Literature covering Duke Ellington


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