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2012-4 20%

DESS Bulletin 2012-4

A Toast for DESS – 20 Years! DESS’ history and milestones; Rolf Dahlgren: Duke Ellington’s tours in Sweden (EN); Conny Svensson: Swing Jugend in the Third Reich, part 2; Claes Englund: The Duke´s Drummers, part 2 (EN); Anders Asplund: Sjef Hoefsmit in memoriam; DESS CD #02 (EN). DOWNLOAD



2012-3 20%

DESS Bulletin 2012-3

Claes Englund: The Duke´s Drummers, part 1 (EN); Conny Svensson: Swing Jugend in the Third Reich, part 1; Steve Voce: Kay Davis (EN); Bo Haufman: DE Conference 21 in Woking; Claes Englund: Other Duke’s places 7 – ”Too much glitter”? Bo Haufman. Rolf Dahlgren in memoriam;  Anders Asplund: Disco on the web – DE in Sweden 1939-73 (EN). DOWNLOAD


2012-2 20%

DESS Bulletin 2012-2

Stan Brager: Ben Webster – The Beauty in the Brute (EN); Sonja Svensson: The Duke – for young people; Peter Lee: Review of Norman Granz – The Man Who Used Jazz For Justice; Claes Englund: Other Duke’s places 6 – Three of the Great musicians on DE. DOWNLOAD



Bulle 2012-1

DESS Bulletin 2012-1

Bo Haufman: Ellington’s male singers (EN); Fred Glueckstein: Django Reinhardt – joined DE on a 1946 tour (EN); Claes Englund: Review of Rifftide. The Life and Opinions of Papa Jo Jones; Claes Englund: Other Duke’s places part 5 – Alternatives to the great biography. DOWNLOAD



Bulle 2011-4

DESS Bulletin 2011-4

Bo Haufman: Ellington’s lesser known female vocalists (EN); Bertil Swartling: A Drum Is A Woman; Bo Haufman: Willie Smith; Bo Haufman: Duke Ellington Treasury Shows; Claes Englund: Other Duke’s places part 4 – The Heartbeat of Jazz (EN); Duke Ellington in Karlshamn, June 16, 1963. DOWNLOAD



Bulle 11-3

DESS Bulletin 2011-3

Fred Glueckstein: Jimmie Blanton (EN); Anders Asplund: The Benny Aasland Collection; Sture Dahlstrom: Blanton – the genious (written 1944); Claes Englund: Other Duke’s places 2 – Two trumps (EN); Ola Paalsson: An almost serious analysis over Bubber Miley;  Claes Englund: Other Duke’s places part 3 – Facts and fiction. DOWNLOAD


Bulle 11-2

DESS Bulletin 2011-2

Bo Haufman: Juan Tizol – A latin seasoning in the Duke Ellington Orchestra; Claes Englund: Other Duke’s places part 1; Nat Hentoff’s memories of Duke Ellington (EN). DOWNLOAD




DESS Bulletin 2011-1Bulle 11-1

John R. Trumpak: Herb Jeffries: The Bronze Buckaroo (EN); Conny Svensson: Literary jazz and jazz-focused literatured;  Arthur Luby: Memories of Paul; Bo Haufman: Fred Guy and his guitar;  Anders Asplund: Jack Towers in memoriam; Leif Klitze: How I met Jazz! DOWNLOAD



2010-4 20%

DESS Bulletin 2010-4

Bo Haufman: Al Sears – Unsung Hero; John Clifford: Al Sears – The Big Raw Tone (EN); Duke Ellington interviewing Billy Strayhorn (EN); Björn Englund: Ellington and Blu-Disc / Blue Disc (EN). DOWNLOAD




2010-3 20%

DESS Bulletin 2010-3

John Tumpak: Johnny Hodges: Sensuous Musical Beauty (EN); Anders Asplund: Joya Sherrill (1927-2010); Anders Asplund: Lena Horne in memoriam; Bjorn Englund: Duke Ellington’s music played in Sweden; Bjorn Englund: Rex Stewart on Hot Record Society (EN). DOWNLOAD




2010-2 20%

DESS Bulletin 2010-2

George Avakian: Ellington on Columbia (EN); Roger Boyes: Quentin Jackson – ”Monsieur Le Beurre” (EN); Fred Glueckstein: Duke Ellington and Dr. Arthur C. Logan – a friendship that began in 1937 (EN); Bo Haufman: Mercer Records – a not so successful project; Bo Haufman: Jerry Valburn in memoriam; Jan Olsson: Alice Babs – Swing it! (DVD) DOWNLOAD



2010-1 20%

DESS Bulletin 2010-1

Bo Haufman: Irving Mills – a supporter or a scrounger; Bo Holmqvist: Duke Ellington interviewed in Stockholm 1958 (EN); Roger Boyes: Ben Webster – a mini portrait (EN). DOWNLOAD


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