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Blue Light – A Presentation

Blue Light is the 24 pages quarterly magazine of The Duke Ellington Society UK (DESUK) and is distributed to members of The Duke Ellington Society UK who pay an annual subscription of £25.00.

It offers an eclectic mix of news, reviews and articles written by members of DESUK and international Ellington and Strayhorn experts.

The magazine also promotes the release of recordings by Duke Ellington and his orchestra, radio and television broadcasts on Ellington-related themes as well as supporting the vibrant scene of newly recorded and live performances today of the music of Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington.

Over the years, Blue Light has published major retrospectives on and many accounts of on Ellington’s tours of the UK written by Ellington scholars or by who saw the Orchestra perform live or who, indeed, worked with Ellington.

Blue Light aims to reflect a truly international perspective. In recent years, in particular, we have developed close ties with Ellington aficionados the world over.

With regard to future developments, we have one or two exciting projects in hand for the next twelve months, taking to heart the motto of Billy Strayhorn:  Ever onward and upward. (mer…)

Blue Light tillgänglig för DESS-medlemmar

DESS har ett nära och bra samarbete med vår systerorganisation i Storbritannien, DESUK. Som en följd av detta kommer DESS-medlemmar från och med nu att ha tillgång till äldre årgångar av DESUKs kvartalstidskrift Blue Light i pdf-format. Det handlar om nummer, som är äldre än två år, och med början från nummer 2011:1. De kommer att finnas tillgängliga i Ellington-arkivet.

Blue Light 2011-1 front

DESS has a close and good cooperation with our fellow organization in the U.K. DESUK. Thanks to this, from now on members of DESS will have access to older issues of DESUK’s quarterly magazine Blue Light in pdf format. It will be issues older than two years and the arrangement starts with issues 2011:1.  They can be accessed in the Ellington Archive.

Blue Light – New Issue

The summer issue of DESUK’s Blue Light has arrived in the postbox of its subscribers. As usual, it is an issue full of interesting articles, information and comments.

The American Ellington scholar Ken Steiner contributes an article on Ellington’s radio shows until the middle of the 40’s. In three pages, he manages to portray the role of radio in the early and mid-career of Ellington but also the development of radio for entertainment. It is highly recommended. The article was originally presented to the International Study Group Conference in Portland, Oregon last year.

Another main feature of this issue of Blue Light is the second part of Matthew (”Matt”) J. Cooper’s article on Ellington as a pianist. In this part he focuses on the 30’s and early 40’s leaving the late 40’s until mid-50’s to the next part. (mer…)

New issue of Blue Light

The spring issue of DESUK’s Blue Light is now available and has been sent to Its subscribers. As usual it is an issue with a lot of good and interesting reading.

One of the focuses this time is the Second Sacred Concert in Coventry in 1966 and the event is brought back in a couple of articles written at the time when it took place. The journal also has an extensive article on the of Harold Ashby as a leader 1978-2003 with detailed information on the records issued. (mer…)

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