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Above is a picture of a very rare LP-album recorded in 1957, on January 10, exactly 60 years ago. This items shows up now and then on auctions, and the interested buyer is expected to pay 400 USD+  to become the owner. DESS-members can enjoy this music by logging into the Goodies Room.

Blue Skies

Grinnell is a town in Iowa with one of the more reputed colleges in USA. It was here at Grinnell College during a wintry evening Ellington and his men played a concert which according to sources received a luke-warm reception. Probably due to the scarcity of copies of the record, it seems that Messrs Timner, Aasland and Hoefsmit were not able to make too many comments on its origin and contents. It was in fact suggested that the playing order of the the tunes was not the correct one on the record compared to the concert, so therefor it is different in the New Desor. (more…)

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