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Ken Steiner – The TDES Sequel

In the beginning of this month, we published Ken Steiner’s Zoom presentation last year to TDES about Ellington 1941. Due to technical problems, this presentation had to be cut short and Ken did not get the opportunity to talk about and play Salute To Canada Lee and Billy Strayhorn’s Raincheck.

Last week, we arranged a Zoom meeting with Ken in which he did it.

In the Salute To Canada Lee broadcast, Ellington plays two songs from Jump For Joy, which was to open a week later.

Raincheck is the Victor version from 2 Dec, 1941 with Strayhorn himself is at the piano. Enjoy!

Ken Steiner – Ellington in 1941

Last year, Ken Steiner was invited by TDES to make a Zoom presentation for its members and other interested.

He chose Ellington in 1941 as topic and covered particularly Jimmie Blanton,  Ivie Anderson and Jump For Joy in his presentation. It is a very good and well prepared presentation.

Unfortunately, there were some problems with the Zoom cast, particularly with the music parts. The website has got the permission from TDES and Ken to try to fix the issues with the video of the presentation and the result is below.

Feedback is welcomed!

Ellington 2021 – Ken Steiner


Ken Steiner has contributed to many Ellington Conferences – Stockholm, London, Amsterdam, Portland, New York, and was scheduled for a presentation at  last year’s conference in DC.

This time, his task was to present the Never-Issued Rarities, which Steven Lasker  had generously made available for Ellington 2021. Ken handled the job in an elegant and humorous way.



The presentation triggered many comments in the chat room including many thanks to Steven Lasker for letting the Ellington 2021 participants listen to the seven rarities . The comments can be read here.

Ken first fell under the spell of Duke Ellington’s music when he heard Duke in concert at Georgetown University on February 10, 1974.   He’s been researching Ellington ever since.











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