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The Ellington Society of Sweden (DESS) is an organization with the purpose to promote and maintain the interest in the music and life of Duke Ellington and to get new groups to share this interest. With this aim, it organizes club meetings with presentation and live music, publishes an internationally acclaimed journal – the DESS Bulletin – and runs a website – http://www.ellington.se – rich in content about Duke Ellington and DESS.

There are many benefits in being a member of DESS. You join a network who shares your interest in Duke Ellington. You can take part in the club meeting organized four times a year. You get the DESS Bulletin in print or digital format 4 times a year.

DESS has a board of 8 members. The current chairman is Bo Haufman, who is also the editorof the Bulletin.

The email address of DESS is duke@ellington.se.

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