Meeting report

Day 1 (Thomas Erikson))

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Day 2 (Thomas Harne)

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Day 3 (Ian Bradley)

Excellent teaching ran like a golden thread through the third day of Ellington 2022. As the best teachers do, Anna Celenza inspired her audience to think for ourselves. If we reached the conclusion that the relationship between Ellington and Leonard Bernstein, the focus of her keynote address offered only further proof that Ellington’s music was frequently misunderstood, appropriated or patronized by the establishment, we reached that conclusion through no prompting, simply the meticulously- marshaled evidence of Anna’s meticulously researched presentation.

The issue of social injustice that rumbled darkly beneath the surface of Ellington’s work was brought sharply into focus on the video presentation of the late Mark Tucker’s dissertation in New York, 1993 on New World A-Coming and its relationship to Roy Otley’s book. Rob Bamberger’s live introduction to the video was equally authoritative, moving and thought-provoking.

The meeting concluded with a good-humoured and celebratory presentation entitled Kenny Burrell and Duke Ellington by Steven Bowie. Steven was an engineering student at UCLA who became a teaching assistant in the mid-1970s to Burrell on his programme of musical study called Ellingtonia.

Steven’s engaging presentation took us through aspects of Burrell’s programme and the guitarist’s involvement with such alumni as Johnny Hodges and Paul Gonsalves.

Steven’s thorough-going research and judicious use of audio visual material was an uplifting finale to another superb and thought-provoking evening, echoing Burrell’s own mantra as a teacher: the more you listen, the more you look – the more you hear, the more you see.

Day 4 (Ulf Lundin)

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